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Grey and wonderfully cool this morning. In the mid-80s F yesterday, but it'll only be in the mid-60s F today. Which is perfect, really. It rained last night, and I was out on the deck with a tin cup of Wild Turkey Rye, watching rain fall out over the river.

Up early, and I carried two big bags of books and DVDs over to the downtown library to drop off as donations in the overnight box. Jill at [profile] pacific_lolita / [personal profile] lime_vodka is right about decluttering and how it gets to be a habit. My current goal is to pare down the DVDs 'til I can fit the permanent collection on one of my (newly-purged) bookshelves. Purging bookshelves is hard; I'll admit that. Back when I was living up in the suburbs, I had a couple of thousand books. I pared down to maybe five hundred or so when I moved into the lakeside flat. I may try to get down to no more than two hundred. I love the feel of physical books, and I still find e-books awkward. But I want...space. And I want the psychological feel of lightness. I want to be free to move in space--- physical and psychological ---without being chained down by Stuff. Or Things.

Windy outside--- I'll be back out in a bit for brunch. Now that I feel safe at Katelyn's restaurant again, I'll be going over for brunch. And there's something really nice on walking city streets on grey, breezy days. Call it a vision of urban life based on too many movies. Anyway, it's a chance to wear sleeves and a hoodie in a Deepest South late-April. That's always something. Though I will have to consider a brunch cocktail that's not quite so springtime. Fortunately, I can rely on good advice from the bartenders.

The lovely N. at [personal profile] radiokvetch says that she needs a little house in Logan Square/Humboldt/Ukrainian Village, with a yard and room for a piano and all my kitchen gadgets... Jill at [profile] pacific_lolita tells me that she and I need a small cottage by the beach, somewhere for books and gardening and playing bridge or Xiangqi/Chinese Chess on the verandah. I'm a city kid, but I like both visions. I'd bring books, of course. And kitchen gadgets? Well...a big black cast iron skillet, a few good chef's knives, and a French press. That sounds about right. A small house in a genteel-bohemian neighbourhood someplace downtown would be lovely, But...open water. Open water. I love that--- being able to have a sailboat, being able to smell salt air every morning.

I have to spend some time this evening setting up user pics for my Dreamwidth account and making sure that all the post-import entries from here are mirrored there. If things ever do go dark here, I want to be able to step over to a new site immediately. I just wish I could instantly and automatically bring all the people here who've been my friends-and-correspondents over the years with me.

Time to make a first pass at my closet this afternoon. Also the linen cabinet. Too many bath towels--- so I'll pare down and get rid of the ones that've seen better days. I live alone, and even with the occasional overnight guest I don't need a closet stuffed full of last decade's towels. Now there is a question--- treat each bath towel as part of a set, with each one assigned a face cloth and a hand towel, or look at those three things as separate categories? Jill says that six sets should carry you through anything, and I tend to believe her. We'll just have to see.

I need to talk to N. at [personal profile] radiokvetch about Korea and things Korean. She once recommended a couple of Korean films to me--- one, I remember, was a version of "Dangerous Liaisons" set in 17th or 18th-c. Korea. I need to ask N. for more recommendations on K-films, and on any Korean novelists she knows of in translation.

Halsey is doing "Drive". Lovely song. I love her voice and lyrics more all the time. Though (as always!) I'm waiting with bated breath for a new LDR album. Wouldn't mind a bit of new Beth Orton, either.

Meanwhile...time to go take a look at my linen cupboard and then consider the possibilities at brunch today. I'll have to dash by my office for a bit, but I do plan on coming back here and reading and decluttering. That'll give me some sense of control and purpose...which will make up a bit for life at work.
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